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Hope Anna Wells was born with a passion for community. Her youth was inspired by civic leadership and a goal to inspire a nation. As the third of six sisters, she was the life of the party. Hope was a spark for all who knew her, from the expanse of her imagination to the depth of her personality. Hope’s love and kindness for everyone she met were unmatched, and her values allowed her to gain respect from her peers and elders alike. She openly shared words of wisdom and esteem with anyone who crossed her path. Her warm and beautiful spirit unfolded within each person she reached. 


Hope found passion in enhancing student life while she studied at La Salle University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, with a minor in Marketing, Leadership, and Global Understanding. She was a student leader, compelled to organize campus programs, and communicate ideas with brazen vision. She was a visionary who always knew how to think outside of the box especially when it came to creating projects to help others. She believed in a life led by passion and encouraged others to do the same.



Hope became the first on her campus and in her city, to serve as a Shea Moisture Campus Ambassador. This role allowed Hope to encourage young women to find God in their natural beauty, from their facial features to the shapes of their bodies, translating body positivity to God-consciousness. Her programs were so successful that she was invited to other campuses across Pennsylvania. Christ-first in her activities, Hope possessed integrity, charisma, accountability, positivity, and confidence. In her senior year of college, she pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Gamma Epsilon Philadelphia City Chapter. This dedicated circle of women provided her not only with friends but the motivation to not wait to lead. 


In the fall of 2018, Hope was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She rose to the challenge to fight against this illness. True to her nature, she launched an advocacy project, #CurlsSavingLives, from her hospital bed. #CurlsSavingLives sheds light on "Be The Match," a bone marrow donor network, to help others with cancer. During her fight against Leukemia, Hope still laughed, danced, and spoke with humor and wit. She was a fearless advocate, strategist, and passionate servant. She held to her faith in God, knowing God would use her testimony for His glory. To her, every day she lived was a blessing, even if she was in pain; she was just grateful to live another day. Even in death, her face was full of love and light. Her compassion and care for others shined until her very last breath. In the weeks before she died, her father Michael Wells, helped fulfill her dream of forming a nonprofit, Hope for Hope. After two years of battling Leukemia, Hope passed away on July 21, 2020.

Hope Anna Wells

March 8, 1997 - July 21, 2020

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